Sunday, May 27, 2012

Card Preview #1: Element Cannon

For the first Card Highlight we're going to be talking about the card Element Cannon.  Element Cannon is a "build around me" card, meaning there's certain types of cards you want to draft to support it.  If you draft the right types of cards it becomes insanely powerful.

So what types of cards are best with Element Cannon?  Small, cheap Defender cards.  Element Cannon turns any defender, no matter how weak, into an easy way to kill huge monsters like Giants or Demons.  Take a look at the card Wisp, for example:

By itself Wisp is a moderately powerful card that costs no mana, gives free damage, doesn't waste a card, and is good with Equipment.  With Element Cannon out, however, it kills a Giant for 2 mana without even using a card!  This is exactly the kind of card you want in your deck with Element Cannon.

Take a look at another card-- Parrot Familiar:

Parrot Familiar's main use is to copy an opponent's Ability card.  After that, it's just a useless Parrot that can't even deal damage.  But with Element Cannon out you can turn the useless 0/1 parrot into a Giant-killer!

You get the idea - turn any defender that would otherwise be weak into a deadly attacker.  The thing to keep in mind is that Element Cannon is fairly useless with larger defenders.  Sacrificing a 5/5 defender to Element Cannon is pointless because the 5/5 could have killed any monster anyways.

Although Element Cannon is a "build-around-me" card, it isn't useless without cheap defenders.  It can turn a Knight's 3 damage attack into a 5 damage explosion.  Generally any defender with 3 or less power at least gets some benefit from Element Cannon being out.

There are some cards out there that are even better combos with Element Cannon - finding cool combos and interactions is what Mage Tower is all about!

Monday, May 21, 2012

What is Mage Tower?

Mage Tower is a competitive "Tower Defense Card Game" inspired by tower defense games like Plants vs. Zombies, Kingdom Rush, and many others.  The game is designed for 2-4 players, with each player using their own deck of cards to fight off monsters in defense of their Mage Tower.  There are solo and 5-6 player variants, as well as an entire "Co-Op Monster" deck that has super-powered monsters you can team up with your friends to fight against!

In Mage Tower each player "drafts" their own deck they will use to fight the hordes of monsters.  There are 166 different "Draft Deck" cards with wildly different abilities.  Before each game players get 8 of these cards for their deck, to combine with 5 basic cards.

Don't be intimidated- making a deck is easy!  You either just give each player 8 random cards (the game is balanced so this works great), or you lay out 8 cards at a time and take turns picking the cards you want.
Once the game starts you'll have to deal with the monsters!

Every player has their own set of monsters that attack them, so you've got to decide if you'll try to craft the perfect monster-killing strategy, try to mess with your opponents, or both!  You can also assemble cool combos or try to make a deck that gets more and more powerful over time.  
There are so many ways to play!