My name is Brett Brimmer, also known as "Johnny Smash", the creator of the long-running webcomic Super Mega Comics at supermegacomics.com.  My game design philosophies are inspired by:

Mark Rosewater- Lead Designer of Magic: The Gathering ( magicthegathering.com )
David Sirlin - Creator of the Fantasy Strike series of games ( sirlin.net )
Donald X. Vaccarino - Creator of Dominion and its expansions.

I have read extensively on the design and development of these games and have incorporated many of the philosophies and lessons learned into Mage Tower, while making sure that Mage Tower is a unique experience unlike any other card game.

You can contact me at JohnnySmash@gmail.com, and check back here at supermegagames.net for continuing information on Mage Tower and Super Mega Games.


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