Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Card Preview #2: Rolling Boulder

For the last card preview I talked about a super-strategic card, but today I'm going to talk about a more fun chance oriented card, Rolling Boulder:

If this card can get through a few monsters, it can deal 10 damage for 5 energy which is pretty much the most energy-efficient card in the game!  Even though it seems like you have to get lucky and have just the right combination of monsters in a row, there are a few ways you can help set this up.

For one thing you can use cards that damage monsters down the line or set up a monster to be killed.  For example, take a look at Frogcast and Artillery:


If you Frogcast the second monster, all you have to do is kill the first monster and you've started the chain reaction.  As long as that third monster has 3 or less health, you'll pull off the full combo!  Artillery, on the otherhand, lets you soften up the closest four monsters so that it's easier for Rolling Boulder to plow through them.  These combos don't guarantee you'll get the 10 damage done, but it just shows you how many ways there are to help it out!

Some other things that can help are Defenders and Boon cards.  Since Defenders stay out turn after turn until they die, they give you more options for varying amounts of damage you can deal to the closest monster to set it up for Rolling Boulder - and attacking costs nothing.  "Boon" cards are cards that help both you and your opponent, thus making the game last longer, thus giving you more opportunities to get a sweet Rolling Boulder combo off.

So as you can see, even though Rolling Boulder looks like a "fun" chance card through and through, there are ways to help it out, and when you do finally get the combo off it's all worth it!

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